while the federal administration continues its shameful policies that tear families apart, NEw york will fight for the american dream because we are one people, one family, and one new york.

—— Governor andrew m. cuomO

Scenes from a rally at the Underground Railroad Museum in 2017.

Our Rally for Fleeing Immigrants & Refugees on April 22, 2017 in Keeseville, New York, was very successful, and had front page coverage in the Sunday, April 23, 2017 Plattsburgh Press-Republican!  Click HERE and HERE to read the article. 


“Frame Your Story” Project Connects Students in New York with Refugee Children in Germany

The “Frame Your Story” project, which teaches students the basics of photography so that they can picture their worlds in photos and writings, is up and running with a group of Syrian refugee children in Berlin, Germany, and a parallel group of sixth- and eighth-graders at Willsboro Central School in New York. Children on both sides of the pond will now exchange their work on electronic media platforms to learn more about each other and broaden their worldviews and friendships across cultures.

Teachers Meaghan Webb and Tara Valachovic along with Willsboro Central Superintendent Steve Broadwell are coordinating the New York project, which is themed here and abroad around the topic of dreams. Champlain Valley Friends of Refugees Chair Bob Harsh taught the basics of photography at the school.


October 15, 2017, courthouse rally supporting the DACA Program

October 15, 2017, courthouse rally supporting the DACA Program