How you can help


Our local groups are currently trying to help those in need: those who are struggling to find a new home; a new country; and a safe place to raise their families.  We realize that refugees relocated into their new homes typically add ambition, hard work, and the richness of cultural diversity. 

Here are REAL WAYS you can help, right here, right now --

  • ACTION you can take - “20 Ways You Can Help Immigrants” -

  • DONATE - To make a donation send cash or a check to St. John’s Church, 4 Church Street, Essex, NY 12936 with “Adirondack Friends of Refugees” in the memo line of your check. Donations fund this website and other outreach efforts.

  • JOIN US - Please help our efforts by joining and participating. Your voice, and your actions are important! Your time, energy, and ideas are all part of what propels us forward and helps refugees and immigrants. Click here to contact us.

  • SPEAK OUT - Speaking out is powerful! You are not only educating others, you're showing many people that we who support refugees and immigrants are a strong group. Please speak up at your local groups, add a mention of the refugee and immigrant plight and talk about our group in meetings you attend, and write a letter to the editor. Click here for contact information.

  • PRESS RELEASES - Please announce and publicize any refugee-related meeting or presentation you know of. It's easy -- simply send an email copy of the information! Click here for contact information.